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s a Resource Partner Member of International Spa Association, it is our mission to enhance the quality of life through our endeavors to provide quality products, services and education to those we serve.  In our cooperative efforts our goal is to bring appreciation, value and understanding of the
spa experience to the consumer. 



In order to fulfill our mission, we pledge the following:

•     That we will be guided in all activities by truth, accuracy, fairness and integrity.

•     That we produce quality products and services and continually educate our customers
       about our products and services to better serve the end consumer.

•     That we deliver on our commitments.

•     That we are an equal-opportunity employer.

•     That we will cooperate with our customers toward the continual expansion of the spa

•     That we agree to conduct our business in a manner which commands the respect of
       those we serve.

•     That customer satisfaction will be the determining factor in all our business dealings.

•     That we pledge loyalty to the Association and agree to pursue and support its

•     That we pledge to keep informed on the latest techniques, developments and
       knowledge pertinent to the professional improvement.

•     That we will help fellow members reach personal and professional fulfillment.

•     That we will utilize every opportunity to enhance the public image of the spa industry.